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I'm an award winning explorative maker and designer who loves objects that tell stories, learning new things and getting stuck into the next juicy design problem! I'm always looking to collaborate with people and develop my skills!

2022 - Present

Working at a start-up with innovation grant funding to develop new heating solutions for a greener future. My roles include strategy, design, branding and user research. 


Studio Director
Max Male Makes

2018 - Present

Working as Director of my own studio I have engaged with projects that deal with waste, interaction, experience making and fun! This work has helped me develop a personal position as a designer and most recently lead to my development of SnapKit! Applied for, won and managed the spending of grants to maximise benefit.

Product Design

Design Intern 

Crown Hockey Ltd.


Working at Crown Hockey Limited I was responsible for tasks including marketing, strategy, development, design for manufacture and design research. Developing these skills culminated in my  development and then launch of the Carbon Armour Shin pad, a revolutionary carbon shin pad that has achieved commercial success and widespread uptake from the England men's hockey team.

Product Design Bsc with Professional Exp.

University of Brighton

Graduated top of my class with a first class degree and a final grade of 75.5% I worked on projects surrounding fun, making, learning and waste and developed my personal position as well as launching my studio Max Male Makes. 

2019 -2023


Santander X UK Award Shortlist

2023 Santander 

Santander X Startup Fuel Grant 

2023 Santander 

Best in Show: Social / Environmental Impact 

2023 Creative Conscience @ New Designers 

Paper Goodness All Round Yellow Heart 

2023 Hallmark @ New Designers 

Outstanding Product Design Award

2023 University of Brighton 

Dualit: Iconic Toaster Redesign 

2020 Dualit

Smallpiece Renewable Energy Competition

2019 SmallPiece Course

Shortlisted from 1500 applicants for the 2023 UK Awards. This resulted in a 2 day pitching bootcamp and a pitch event in London.   

Was awarded a grant to continue to scale up my project SnapKit!   

Was awarded Best in Show for Social / Environmental Impact for SnapKit! at New Designers 2023 by creative conscience. 

Was awarded a Yellow Heart by Hallmark in recognition of my project SnapKit! at New Designers 2023.

Working as Director of my studio Max Male Makes, I developed SnapKit! a fun, circular invention toy. I was awarded by a panel of judges from the University of Brighton 

First place in a design competition run by Dualit to redesign their iconic toaster. Our solution was commended for its usability and thought through interface.

Led a team to win a competition to redesign a tidal turbine to maximise its efficiency culminating in testing our prototype in a flow chamber.






Co Design .  Design for Manufacture . Colour Material Form  . 

3D Printing . CNC Router & Mill . Hand Tools . Painting . Finishing . Mould making . Composites

Photography . Videography . Editing . Stop Motion . Blender animation & Stills

User Interviews . Visual Asset Testing . Data Analysis . Working with clients

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